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Meet Us at the Plant and Animal Genome XXVII Conference


The largest Ag-Genomics meeting, the Plant and Animal Genome XXVII conference, will open its doors from 12th til 16 January 2019.


Visit the Eurofins Genomics and Eurofins AgBio joint exhibition stand #418 and talk to Europe’s leading sequencing service and agrigenomics experts. We are looking forward to meeting you there!


The Biology of Christmas -A funny take on the biochemical and molecular biological regulation of the Christmas feeling-


Christmas season, the long anticipated and very special time of the year. It is widely known that this time is connected to temporal changes in human emotions and behaviour. Read here about the biochemical and molecular biological mechanisms that underlie these changes.

Meat Sourcing From Supermarket

to Animal 


While shopping meat, consumers ask: "What is the origin of the meat I buy and what were the rearing conditions of the animals? Is the meat hormone- and antibiotics-free? Is it organic and from grass-fed and free-range raised animals?" 

How can meat processors and retailers assure their customers that the meat they buy is actually the one declared on the packaging? Genomic Meat Sourcing enables full traceability of meat from the point of purchase to the farm of origin, transparency of the supply chain, and analytical verification of the meat. 

PHACTORY - Manufacturing bacteriophages towards precision medicine


The continuous development of antibiotic resistance by pathogens transformed the antibiotic crisis into one of the biggest threats to global health today. Bacteriophages as the natural enemies of bacteria could be implemented as an effective alternative to antibiotics. 


Read here how the iGEM Munich Team produced bacteriophages, in a cell-free expression system, to kill bacteria. 

Design of a Yeast-based biosensor for melatonin measurement in saliva


The hormone Melatonin is of paramount importance for humans. Dysfunctions of productive and regulatory melatonin pathways could lead to depression and schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, as well as fibromyalgia. To stay healthy, it is important to detect and prevent abnormal melatonin concentration in the body. 


Read here how the iGEM Team Aachen 2018 creates an efficient and specific melatonin detection system based on yeast cells.

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The CRISPR Hype Train is Derailed


Have you jumped on the CRISPR hype train? Have you bought into the “CRISPR will change the world… it will change life” hype? It is time to derail this HYPE TRAIN!


The End of Gene Doping - iGEM Delft Team Makes It Possible


World records - WE LOVE THEM! Especially seeing them broken by our athletic heroes. Truth is, however, some of our heroes have a dirty little secret… DOPING. But a new layer of doping has been added: Gene Doping!


Read here how the iGEM Delft Team plans to end it.

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