The Biology Of Christmas – A Merry Update For 2019


For the festive season, we have a look at the funny side of the biology of Christmas. Enjoy!

International Men's Day 2019 – The Biology Of The Beard


For International Men’s Day 2019 and in line with “No-Shave November”, we have a closer look at the biology of the beard.

The 8 Best Ig Nobel Pize Winning Achievements In Life Science


The funny side of science: The Ig Nobel Prize honours achievements that make people laugh but also think afterwards! Here are the 8 best Ig Nobel Pize winning achievements.

Our End-of-Year Promotion Has Started - With Many Benefits For You!


Get 20% ON TOP for your order of our Sanger sequencing services. Buy 100 labels and get 20 for free on top. Read here how you get 20% ON TOP. 

We Donate To ‘Doctors Without Borders’ In The Name Of Our Customers


Eurofins Genomics’ customers chose humanism and we donated to 'Doctors Without Borders' / 'Médecins Sans Frontières' in the name of our customers.

The Next Generation’s Life Science


What projects does the next generation of scientists, the current students, find fascinating? What projects are they interested in? 

Read here about some great iGEM teams and their innovative projects that utilise synthetic biology. 

Unlocking a New Universe of Model Organisms for Biology


The 2019 TU Delft iGEM team aims to design a toolkit that allows the expression of genetic constructs in different microorganisms, thus accessing the diversity of bacteria beyond E. coli and S. cerevisiae

Troygenics – the Trojan Horse Tactic Against Eukaryotic Pathogens


The iGEM Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec 2019 develops a cell death inducing system containing Cas13a that is based on a phage as delivery system to fight eukaryotic pathogens. 

The Future of in vivo Cell Monitoring


The iGEM LMU & TU Munich Team designs a platform for minimal-invasive in vivo cell monitoring to check viability and functionality of cells in long-term without invasive interventions.

The New Green Revolution - iGEM Team Marburg Develops the Fastest Growing Phototrophic Model Organism


The iGEM Team “Syntex” from Marburg 2019 aims to develop a new fast-growing model organism that is easy to genetically modify with CRISPR: Synechococcus elongates.

Milk 2.0 is here: SynMylk - Carbon Efficient, Tasty and Produced in the Lab


The iGEM team Düsseldorf aims to synthesise cow’s milk by heterologous expression of cow’s milk components and simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas. 


Sweet Dreams: Healthy and Sweet Food By Bioengineering Spirulina


The iGEM team of TU Dresden aims to produce miraculin, a low caloric sweetener to replace sugar, in Spirulina and establish new standards for the engineering of Spirulina.


Designing a Gene-Sensitive



The iGEM team of TU Dresden aims to develop a tool for detecting any nucleic acid sequence of interest in microbial samples and human cells with gene-sensitive paper-strips.

We Care About The Environment - Send Your Unused Böxle Back To Us For Recycling


We reward your contribution to environmental protection. Send us your unused Böxles and we will recycle them. Send us 10 Böxles and get a surprise gift.

Environmental Microbiology In Action - Interview with Blue Biolabs


In this interview with the founder of Blue BioLabs, we talk about the application of NGS in the field of environmental microbiology, such as for quality control of drinking water, detection of Legionella in cooling systems and much more. Listen now!

10 Facts About The Moon Landing You May Not Know 


For the 50th anniversary of the moon landing during the Apollo 11 mission, here are 10 facts about this moon landing you may not know.

Our Ideas to Bring Your Research to the Next Level 


We support your research and projects. The Eurofins Genomics sales team is glad to discuss how we can help you. Read here how to get in contact.

World Microbiome Day 2019 - In the Matter of Faecal Transplants for a Healthy Microbiome 


The theme of the World Microbiome Day 2019 is ‘Antibiotic Resistance’. We talk about faecal transplants for the treatment of antibiotics-associated diseases, for example caused by Clostridium difficile.

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