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Microbiome Analysis –
Are You Aware Of All The Applications?


Microbiome analysis is used in medical and plant research, biotech, environmental testing, agriculture, and drug discovery. However, researchers are not aware of all the applications for microbiome analysis. Read here about the possibilities.

Meet the Eurofins Genomics Team -

Anita and Linda


We are introducing the Eurofins Genomics team. Meet Anita and Linda, who are technical assistants in the Oligonucleotide Quality Control and Shipping Team that is responsible to ensure the high quality standards and shipping of the synthesised oligonucleotides for our customers.

Happy DNA Day!


April 25th is DNA Day! This day commemorates the first publication of the DNA structure in 1953 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Here are 11 facts about DNA you might not know. 

There Is A Whole New Universe, Waiting To Be Explored - Welcome To The DNA Universe


Eurofin Genomics’ The DNA Universe offers all the genomics tools that scientists need to accomplish their scientific goals, ideas and projects. Start your journey into The DNA Universe now!


Meet The Eurofins Genomics Experts


Get to know Eurofins Genomics. We are introducing our experts! This edition introduces Dr Thomas Brefort, who manages the next generation sequencing business unit at Eurofins Genomics and who is the Managing Director of Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing GmbH. 




A long believed order of extinct mammals has been rediscovered on a small Pacific archipelago. Find out about these peculiar animals. 


RNA Sequencing For Bacterial Transcriptomes


RNA sequencing offers sensitive quantification of gene expression in bacteria. What are the advantages of RNA-Seq?

Meet The Eurofins Genomics Team


Get to know Eurofins Genomics. We are introducing the team!

Meet Stanislav, Senior Technical Assistant in the Next Generation Sequencing Team that is responsible for the execution of NGS of our customer’s samples.  


International Women’s Day 2019


Introducing Julia Bottlang, the powerful woman behind the successes of a DNA sequencing service provider.


6 Myths And Facts About Gene Synthesis


There are many myths and misunderstandings about gene synthesis on the internet.

Here are 6 myths and facts about gene synthesis you should know.

5 Facts About NGS You Did Not Know


When people hear next generation sequencing, complex research projects and high costs often come to mind. But actually, next generation sequencing already reached our daily lives… and, moreover, the prices have fallen substantially. Here are 5 facts you may not know about NGS.

The Secret Behind Europe´s Fastest qPCR Primers And Sanger Sequencing 


Time is the most valuable and only non-renewable resource we have. Once time passed, it is gone. So, we thought about how we can assist scientists with their time management and came up with the fastest and most time saving night-time products                                                                                   for PCR and qPCR, and Sanger sequencing.

High-Speed qPCR – 5 Ways To Get Your qPCR Done Faster


How important is time in science? How important is time in your scientific life? If you use qPCR, there is good news for you. Here are 5 ways to reduce the time for your qPCR. 

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