Eurofins Genomics and GATC Biotech Have Decided to Join Forces

Eurofins Genomics Europe and GATC Biotech are joining forces to form Europe’s biggest and most innovative genomics company.


Since 1990, GATC has built its reputation as one of the leading DNA and RNA sequencing service and bioinformatics analysis providers in Europe. Outstandingly, GATC pioneered the overnight Sanger Sequencing service for all of Europe with fully automated processes in all laboratories that guarantee highest standards of quality. The company has also developed innovative solutions in the field of DNA and RNA sequencing. Orders from industry and academic research range from single DNA samples to complex genome projects. Today, the company employs 140 staff across two sites and serves over 10,000 customers.


Eurofins Genomics Europe is a leading DNA and RNA sequencing services provider in its own right. The company adds a vast range of services to this future-oriented relationship with GATC. Eurofins Genomics employs state-of-the-art technologies to supply DNA & RNA oligonucleotide synthesis, gene synthesis, genotyping and gene expression analysis, as well as custom DNA and next generation sequencing for its customers. Currently, Eurofins Genomics has more than 400 employees across 4 sites in Europe, and serves over 20,000 customers.


Together, we are creating the most comprehensive genomics product portfolio to provide you, our customers, with end-to-end solution for your needs, be it in research, diagnostics, pharma, agriculture, food, or biotechnology. You have a demand in the field of genetics and molecular biology, we have the solution!

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