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1. Custom DNA Sequencing - Prepaid Sanger Sequencing products

2. NightXpress Primer - For Standard and Real-Time PCR

3. INVIEW products - NGS Built For You

4. Cell Line Authentication Services - Certainty For Your Cell Line

5. Express GeneStrands - The New Industry Standard

6. CRISPR guideRNA - The Guide For Successful Gene Editing 



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1. Custom DNA Sequencing – Prepaid Sanger Sequencing products


Eurofins Genomics provides the most comprehensive custom DNA sequencing portfolio. If you are working with DNA, you need Sanger sequencing. We have the ideal products for all your Sanger sequencing needs.

Our long term expertise and automated Sanger sequencing processes guarantee reliable and high quality sequencing results. 


This is topped by our free of charge collection service of ALL of your samples and delivery of your results the next business day following sample receipt.



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LightRun Barcodes

The LightRun is our fastest Sanger sequencing service and offers light-speed sequencing of purified plasmids or PCR fragments. Just send us your DNA premixed with a primer and we will deliver exceptionally high quality sequencing results.


SupremeRun Barcodes

The SupremeRun offers supreme Sanger sequencing of your plasmids or PCR fragments. Choose SupremeRun for the most difficult templates. It has optimised protocols for GC-rich sequences, hairpins and secondary structure features.


TubeSeq Lables and PlateSeq Kits

TubeSeq service and PlateSeq service combine top quality and highest flexibility of Sanger sequencing. With this service, you can sequence all types of sample material, including large constructs. You can order and re-order up to 8 reactions per sample. We also store your template DNA and ordered primers for 4 weeks

With the PlateSeq Service you can get up to 96 sequencing reaction for premixed samples, purified DNA, crude PCR products, or bacterial clones. 

Choose PowerRead Upgrade for TubeSeq and PlateSeq to use optimised protocols that guarantee highest quality sequencing of complex sequences with difficult-to-read stretches for instance.


Mix2Seq Kits

Mix2Seq includes 96 barcoded tubes and lids for convenient Sanger sequencing. Just send us your purified plasmids or PCR fragments premixed with primer in the tubes - there is no online ordering necessary.

It is getting better! You can also share your Mix2Seq barcodes with others in your research group for instance. 

2. NightXpress Primer – For Standard and Real-Time PCR


Get 10 % discount on the (q)PCR Primer NightXpress price



Built for speed! Order today and your (q)PCR Primer NightXpress will be at your bench in less than 24 hours. So, you can almost immediately begin to investigate the expression of your genes of interest for example. You will not lose valuable research time by waiting for your primers anymore!


(q)PCR Primer NightXpress is suitable for every kind of standard and real-time PCR. We guarantee accurate and reliable primer quantities with high purity. Also, the low salt concentration of these primers gives stable melting temperatures (Tm).



3. INVIEW products - NGS Built For You


INVIEW stands for streamlined high-quality end-to-end Next-Generation Sequencing solutions.

Our INVIEW services have been built for specific application needs and handle everything from quality control, library preparation, sequencing to bioinformatics.

You can rely on highest data quality and most-efficient completion of your project. Our certified service standards, streamlined workflows, and dedicated scientific specialists and bioinformaticians supervise every single step of the workflow.


The INVIEW services are Agilent and Illumina certified and accredited by the German Accreditation Body DAkkS according to the international ISO norm 17025.


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Get 10 % discount on the INVIEW Microbiome price

Get 10 % discount on the INVIEW Metagenome price

Get 10 % discount on the INVIEW Transcriptome price

Get 10 % discount on the INVIEW Exome price

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INVIEW De Novo Genome

Sequencing of novel genomes up to 15 Mb in size! 

On the PacBio platform, ultra-long reads are generated for very few but larger contigs. This allows for minimal mis-assemblies and, consequently, a truly “(r)evolutionary” precise assembly of your genome.

With INVIEW De Novo Genome, there are no more obstacles for closing genomic sequence gaps to achieve fully resolved genomes, revealing structural variants for functional studies, detecting linked variants that would go undetected by short reads, investigating the chromosome structure, repetitive elements, population variation, and many more applications.


INVIEW Resequencing

INVIEW Resequencing is the convenient sequencing product for all genomes up to 180 Mb. All you need to know are the genome size and number of samples. Our genomics experts take care of the selection of coverage, sequencing run mode, data packages, etc.  

Use it to resequence whole genomes, to identify genetic variations, single base mutations, insertions and deletions, to analyse disease pathway, to optimise production strains, and many more applications.



INVIEW Microbiome Profiling

It is apparent that the microbiome of the gastro-intestinal tract or the phyllo- and rhizosphere of plants for example is of high importance. This importance is also reflected in the continuously rising numbers of published microbiome investigations. We support your microbiome investigation with two end-to-end solutions: INVIEW Microbiome Profiling 3.0 and INVIEW Microbiome High Specificity.


With the INVIEW Microbiome Profiling 3.0, you can in-depth characterise and classify the bacterial, archaeal and fungal communities of any complexity in all types of samples. It is based on high-throughput amplicon sequencing of 16S rRNA and the ITS region and you can even characterises rare taxa at low densities down to genus level.


The INVIEW Microbiome High Specificity is based on high-throughput amplicon sequencing of the full-length 16S rRNA gene! It allows for the analysis of microbial communities, even at low densities, down to species level.



INVIEW Metagenome

If the INVIEW Microbiome Profiling is not enough for your purpose and you need even deeper insights into the vast biodiversity and function of microbiota, INVIEW Metagenome is the product you want to get. This NGS-based product works independent from target amplification and, therefore, provides a valuable approach for studying uncultivable microorganisms that were previously impossible to analyse.

Use it for thorough analysis and taxonomic profiling of microbial communities in their natural environment, to profile biological entities, such as viruses, which cannot be differentiated by 16S rRNA sequencing alone, to observe changes in relative abundance of microorganisms under varying conditions or stresses, and many more applications.



INVIEW Transcriptome

We have the perfect package for your transcriptome investigation need.

INVIEW Transcriptome Explore is designed for reliable transcript identification and comparison between expression levels. Use it for general comparative analysis of genes expressed at a given time and under specific conditions, screening where reference sequences are available, and even as gene expression profiling in cancer.


INVIEW Transcriptome Discover is designed for the discovery and quantification of rare and novel transcripts, and splicing variants. It provides unique molecular insights into the transcriptome of nearly any organism.

Use it to profile all RNA species - including non-coding RNAs -, to analyse specific genomic elements and their biological significance, to characterise differences in RNA splicing like alternative splicing, to identify antisense transcripts, and many more.


INVIEW Transcriptome Isoform Discover is designed for precise identification of new splicing variants and ideal for genome-wide analysis of transcript isoform variations. Use it to discover novel genes, novel splice variants and isoforms, to analyse alternative promoters, alternative splicing and alternative polyadenylation events, to investigate mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation, and many more.




We have the perfect package for your exome investigation need.


INVIEW Human Exome Explore is the go-to product for the next-generation sequencing of human exons. It provides fast, cost-efficient and accurate exome analysis. It is ideally suited for the analysis of germline mutations in research on hereditary cancer, childhood cancer and genetic disorders, in pharmacogenetic studies, for the evaluation of genetic disease predisposition and risk, for analysis of cancer predisposition, and many other applications.


With INVIEW Human Exome Advance, we went even further and combined the latest technologies with upstream and downstream automation. The result: great flexibility in terms of data output and delivery time, depending on your needs.

Use it to analyse germline mutations as well as somatic mutations. The pre-designed package with improved coverage of hard-to-capture regions is ideally suited for a wide variety of variant-analysis studies including single-nucleotide variants, structural variants, copy-number variants and delicate tumour profiling.



INVIEW Oncopanel All-in-one

INVIEW Oncopanel All-in-one is world-wide the most comprehensive panel for optimised detection of tumour-specific genomic alterations. You can analyse 597 key cancer-specific genes from tissue biopsy samples with a single panel.

Use it for the detection of cancer genes, including tumour activators, tumour suppressors and biomarkers for drug resistance in any type of solid tumour.

Investigate structural variants and CNVs, in addition to SNPs and InDels from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) or fresh-frozen tissue biopsy samples. This oncology panel can be used to derive meaningful information on key driver mutations in order to provide fast, cost-efficient and reliable cancer screening.



4. Cell line Authentication Services - Certainty For Your Cell Line


Get 10 % discount on the Cell Line Authentication price 

Get 10 % discount on the Mycoplasmacheck Barcodes price



Cell Line Authentication

Our human cell line authentication service gives you certainty that your cell line is not cross contaminated and that they are actually the cell you assume they are. After all, it is estimated that approximately 15 to 20 % of all human cell lines are cross-contaminated.


Peer reviewed journals such as Nature, AACR Journals, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, etc. require authentication of certified cell lines before research results are published.



Mycoplasma contamination can alter cell-line properties and lead to non-reproducible results. The problem of mycoplasma is that they attach to cells and are not detectable in light microscopy due to their small size. They also grow fast and compete with the cells for nutrients.

Regular testing with Mycoplasmacheck serves as a rapid, accurate and objective means of checking cells that they are free of mycoplasma.



5. Express GeneStrands  -  The New Industry Standard 


Get 10 % discount on the Express GeneStrands price



Express GeneStrands are double-stranded synthetic DNA delivered as fragments that are ready for cloning.

They are used especially in gene assembly, mutagenesis studies, and DNA enzyme assays. Express GeneStrands are also an ideal choice for sequences that exhibit high levels of toxicity in host cells.


The most outstanding feature is the express delivery. After all, they are the fastest synthetic genes on the market! Order today and your Express GeneStrands will be at your bench in 48 hours.



6. CRISPR sgRNA  - The Guide For Successful Gene Editing


Get 10 % discount on the sgRNA price 



The CRISPR/Cas9 system is one of the latest developments in the field of genetic engineering. With CRISPR technology, gene editing can be perform easily and cost efficient, and that in every organism studied so far!

The decisive factor for successful gene editing is often the guide RNA.

Our high quality ready-to-use synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) and two-part cr:tracrRNA will guide your project to success.


The synthetic sgRNA is ready for transfection and has a high editing efficiency. It is 100% DNA-free, so there is no risk to integrate foreign DNA into your cell line.


If you are working with particular cell types such as primary cells, stem cells, cancer cell lines, and prokaryotic cells, chemically modified synthetic sgRNAs are recommended. The modifications increase the stability and reduce activation of cell’s immune responses.

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