2020 Is The Year To Go Green And Do Good


Eurofins Genomics wants to make a difference and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. Our goal for 2020 is to establish more means to advance our endeavour to become a green company. 


We already started to make environmentally friendly changes in two main areas:


1. Packaging

2. Logistics


Less plastic for sample shipment


You can now use environmentally friendly paper bags for the shipment of your sequencing samples and primers in tubes for our Sanger sequencing services. These paper Tube Bags replace the old plastic bags from now on. You will receive them with your barcode order or you can order them free of charge in our shop.


Our padded C5 sized Handy Sample Bags for safe shipment of your sequencing samples to the Eurofins Genomics lab in Ebersberg, Germany, are now made of 100% recycled paper and certified with “Blue Angel”.  


Our proprietary and validated NGS UDI Primer Sets for multiplexing on every Illumina platform are shipped in environmentally friendly and stable cardboard boxes.


Other plastic packaging will gradually be replaced by environmentally friendly packaging! Stay tuned for the next announcement!

Environmentally friendly and reliable & fast logistic concept is here


For sample collection via our DropBoxes and delivery of oligos and genes, we started a trial in Vienna, Austria, where we use bicycle couriers.

The bicycle couriers provide a very fast and at the same time very flexible service. In the first phase of the trial, the couriers collected all samples from the DropBoxes on time! These included samples for our Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing and cell line authentication services.


For the second phase, we decided to extend the service. The bicycle couriers started to deliver all oligonucleotides and synthetic genes orders.  

Now the bicycle courier is a permanent part of our logistics in Vienna! 


The advantages of this system are:

  • The use of bicycles is environmentally friendly.
  • Samples are collected directly at the customer, which is often essential for NGS.
  • Oligonucleotides are delivered to the bench!
  • The bicycle couriers are highly flexible and are able to navigate more effectively in heavy traffic. This leads to exact and punctual sample collection from our DropBoxes.
  • The bicycle couriers ensure that the DropBoxes stay functional and well maintained.
  • New DropBoxes can be opened promptly and served easily.


Our mission is to continuously provide our customers with reliable and fast services and products. We understand that they need their results, as well as their ordered oligos and genes in very short time. As this logistics service in Vienna works very well, we are planning to expand this system to other major cities.

DO GOOD in 2020


2020 is the year to gift and to make a difference! 

The turn of the year was accompanied by devastating wildfires in Australia that claimed the lives of dozens of people, millions of animals and engulfed more than 7.3 million hectares of land. It is impossible to estimate the impact of this catastrophe. 

On top of this destruction, there is continuous massive deforestation worldwide. Deforestation has reached an estimated 26 million hectares per year. This is more than the size of the UK!

Eurofins Genomics decided to contribute to reforestation and we invite you to support us. With your orders, you can: 


1. Choose that Eurofins Genomics plants a tree for you and thus you will support global reforestation to counter climate change, or


2. Help your colleague by letting us give her/him a 100€ voucher for any product from our portfolio to support her/his project*.


Either way, you will do something good and make a difference! 


Find out how you can support at eurofinsgenomics.com.

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By Siegfried Schnabl and Dr Andreas Ebertz