Eurofins Genomics Europe live updates

14th June, Friday - 10:02 am


Yesterday, on the first regular business day after our downtime, Eurofins Genomics received thousands of orders. We were overwhelmed by the understanding and loyalty of our customers and are very grateful for it. Despite additional shifts and overtime for our employees, there may be occasional delays due to the large number of orders. We apologise for any inconvenience.



13th June, Thursday - 10:10 am


The Eurofins Genomics website is back online. If you have trouble accessing the website, please delete your browser cache. Since yesterday evening (12.06.2019 - 21:00 pm) all services are successfully restored and only occasionally, there may be a few delays. All samples we received during the last 10 days are uploaded now. If you do not see your data by 14.06.2019 midday, please contact our support team.



12th June, Wednesday - 13:59 pm


As planned, Eurofins Genomics will reactivate all communication channels by 15.00pm today. Our customer support team is taking your calls and emails through the usual channels: and +49 8092 8289-77. Moreover, our Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory is fully working and accepting samples. Both your local genomics account manager and our NGS support team (e-mail: can create NGS quotes and place orders for you. Further services and our website will follow soon. Until then we will update you on our progress with more details as they become available.



07th June, Friday - 15:11 pm


During this week Eurofins Genomics Europe followed its disaster recovery procedures and developed a specific action plan to restore its services. According to this action plan, we intend to bring back our services in a step wise procedure. We will start with our Sanger Services followed by our Oligo Services. We expect the first services to be available again mid next week (CW 24). We will update you on our progress with more details as they become available.



04th June, Tuesday - 12:15 pm


Multiple servers across several Eurofins companies have been infected by ransomware. Many additional servers have been shutdown to prevent spreading of infection, and as a result many Eurofins Genomics services are currently unavailable. Eurofins IT staff together with internal and external IT security teams and experts took immediate steps to mitigate the impact and are working hard to return the IT operations to normal as quickly as possible. At this time there is no evidence of unauthorized transfer or misuse of data.


As a consequence, Eurofins Genomics at the moment cannot receive any new orders through the web shop. Samples received are stored safely in the lab until production systems are up and running again. They will automatically be processed as soon as possible. Gene and oligonucleotide orders already in production will be completed as soon as systems are back on track. Unfortunately, no data can be delivered through email or other channels in the current situation.


Eurofins Genomics apologizes for the temporary disruption and associated delays. We will immediately communicate any updates on the situation on this website