Samples & Data

Can I Now Also Use the GATC Collection Point for My Eurofins Samples or the Eurofins Dropbox for My GATC Samples?

At the moment, we would kindly ask you to send the samples still through the designated Dropboxes / Collection Points. This ensures that we can meet our very fast turnaround time promise with two parallel processes in one lab. We are working on merging the Dropboxes / Collection Points to one large joint network. As soon as this is accomplished, we will inform you.

I Would Like to Use the GATC MYCOPLASMACHECK, But I Only Have a Eurofins Dropbox in Reach. How Can I Ship My Samples?

For MYCOPLASMACHECK samples you can already use the Eurofins Dropboxes. Please do not do that for GATC sequencing samples until further notice. If you are located in the Munich area, please note that using a Eurofins Dropbox can cause a delay of one day, since we first have to ship the samples from our Ebersberg facility to our Cologne facility before we can process them.

Where Can I Drop-Off My Samples in the Future? Will the Dropboxes / Collection Points Be Merged or Relocated?

Eurofins Dropboxes and GATC Collection Points will soon be merged to one large joint network. We will inform you when this is taking place and also in case your Dropbox / Collection Point will be moved to another place. For the moment, we would kindly ask you to still send your samples through the designated Dropbox / Collection Point. 

Where Do I Find the GATC Universal Primers?

You will find all available Standard Primers in your account under “My Account” in the section "My Samples & Primers @ GATC” labelled with “My Sequencing Primers”. You can download a list of available Universal Primers here.

Where Do I Get the Data for my Sequencing Results?

For the moment, you still get your GATC results in myGATC and your Eurofins results in your Eurofins web account. As soon as we have merged our webshops, you will have one joint login and place to download your sequencing results for GATC and Eurofins products. We will inform you when this will take place.

Where Do I Get my NGS Results?

All raw data as well as the analysed and assembled data can be downloaded via Tracking details in “My Orders” and via ftp.

Where Can I Download my MYCOPLASMACHECK Results?

You will find your MYCOPLASMACHECK results in your account under „My Account” in the section “My Mycoplasmacheck Results”.