Meet Us

Meet Us · 24. October 2019
Eurofins Genomics’ customers chose humanism and we donated to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières in the name of our customers. Read the story behind it.

Meet Us · 27. June 2019
We support your research and projects. The Eurofins Genomics sales team is glad to discuss how we can help you. Read here how to get in contact.

Meet Us · 08. May 2019
We are introducing the Eurofins Genomics team. Meet Anita and Linda, who are Technical Assistants in the Oligonucleotide Quality Control and Shipping Team.

Meet Us · 03. April 2019
Get to know Eurofins Genomics. We are introducing Dr Thomas Brefort, NGS Business Unit Manager and Managing Director of Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing GmbH. Read here about his vision for NGS and get some personal insights.

Meet Us · 13. March 2019
Get to know Eurofins Genomics. We are introducing the team! Meet Stanislav, Senior Technical Assistant in the Next Generation Sequencing Team that is responsible for the execution of NGS of our customer’s samples.

Meet Us · 08. March 2019
For the International Women’s Day, we introduce powerful women at Eurofins Genomics who are behind the successes of the European leading genomics services provider. Learn more.

Meet Us · 29. June 2018
Have you already met our European sales team? It consists of the most competent and experienced sales representatives from Eurofins Genomics and Eurofins GATC Biotech. Our team of experts is at your disposal with all the information on our extended end-to-end product portfolio. You don't know who is active in your region? Get in touch with our customer care team by sending an e-mail to or call them directly dialing one fo our free phone numbers. They will gladly arrange...

Meet Us · 16. March 2018
Michael Hadem, CEO of Eurofins Genomics gave an interview to the widely known German life science news journal “transkript”, issue 3.2018. Here, he talks about the comprehensive merger process of Eurofins Genomics and GATC Biotech, and the company’s innovative and trend-setting goals.

Meet Us · 14. February 2018
Our Sanger labs in Cologne are now working under one roof with two parallel production lines, working on improving delivery times through increased flexibility.

Meet Us · 02. June 2017
Eurofins Genomics, a European market leader in genomics services, and GATC Biotech, one of Europe’s specialists in DNA sequencing, have decided to join forces