Products · 03. March 2020
Why is it important to authenticate the cell line you are working with? The publication of your research could depend on it. Read more.

Products · 01. October 2019
Get 20% ON TOP for your order of our Sanger sequencing services. Buy 100 labels and get 20 for free on top. Read here how you get 20% ON TOP.

Products · 29. August 2019
We reward your contribution to environmental protection. Send us your unused Böxles and we will recycle them. Send us 10 Böxles and get a surprise gift. Read more!

Products · 29. May 2019
Microbiome analysis is used in medical and plant research, biotech, environmental testing, agriculture, and drug discovery. However, researchers are not aware of all the applications for microbiome analysis. Read here about the possibilities.

Products · 21. March 2019
RNA sequencing offers sensitive quantification of gene expression in bacteria. Read here about the advantages of RNA-Seq.

Products · 16. October 2018
We are extremely proud to present you our greatest promotion. Receive discounts on products of our entire portfolio! Now is the time to try something new! It is a great opportunity to test our NightXpress Primer or Express GeneStrands for example. Our comprehensive genomics product portfolio will provide you with the perfect solution for your needs, always. You will not be disappointed! What products are you interested in? Just click on the category to learn more about them.

Products · 16. July 2018
Why is it important to profile the archaea community and not just the bacterial and fungal community in a sample? Find out here.

Products · 19. May 2018
GATC and Eurofins Genomics now together in one web shop at

Products · 15. May 2018
Check out our first two online video tutorials on how to use the Eurofins web shop. The first clip Navigating on illustrates the general navigation and functionalities of the web shop, leads you through the login process and shows you the basics of the ordering process. The second clip My Cart shows you the functionalities of your cart and wish list, including pricing details, how to edit your entries, add a personal note, and print your cart. Stay tuned for our upcoming...

Products · 14. May 2018
As announced two weeks ago, we are about to move with all our products into one joint web shop. We are happy to share that this move will take place next week over Pentecost weekend (19th - 21st May). As of 22nd May, you will find all GATC and Eurofins Genomics products at one place: Unfortunately, due to technical issues with myGATC, our services will only be partially available this week. For detailed information, please visit We sincerely apologise...

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